About us


Eligo embodies the italian excellence, recounting the worlds of craftsmen imaginary and the elegance of italian home style, with the mission to recover the original roots of its unique timeless beauty.

Eligo products combine the centuries-old experience of timeless artifacts to the design of new objects, inspired by drawings and forgotten patents. Each artifact has its own uniqueness and brings with it 'the design and charm of Italian history.

Our selection is made to represent the scenarios of Italian living thanks to the top-level products that only selected artisans are able to reproduce. An ancient knowledge accurately preserved and cherished by research, development and production that we follow hand to hand with every production district. As a result, every collection has its distinctive and peculiar manufacturing values, which are highly recognisable, thanks to the specific details of their products.

Eligo’s partners not only include artisans workshops, but also long-established italian companies, such as Berti Knives, Busatti Fabrics, and Valobra Soaps, and it is able to bring together the italian signature style.

The Eligo Studio projects represent the key concepts of italian living and bring the brand vision into interior design projects, such as retail, hotels, trad fairs, food service and exclusive private homes.

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