Brescia Pewter


Pewter has an ancient craft tradition that dates back to 1700. Less valuable than silver but equally nice and flashy, it was in use in all homes, and those aristocrats and those popular. Pottery, dishes, furniture and decorative objects for the home with a special aesthetic value, between the luxury and convenience of everyday life of the time.

Pewter, a tin-based alloy, is a silvery gray metal that lends itself to be processed and used for many different operations for both technical and aesthetic solutions. It is a composition that has ancient roots, since prehistoric times, and was used a lot in medieval, Renaissance and Classicism of the 1800s.


Back in time, pewter dishes shone in neat kitchens of the bourgeois but also on the drawers and sills of the peasants homes. Besides, the ambition of the noblewomen of the countryside was the “salon of pewter", richly decorated, and the princely courts the "guardian of the pewter" watch over rich heritage of table pottery.

Not only daily objects, but also ritual and ceremony furnishings for worship practices such as monstrances, ampoules and bowls, candlesticks, lamps and picture frames.

Rough and material, shiny and obscure, pewter today tells the nostalgia of the past and the tradition of strong Italian artisan culture. Each piece, unique in its manufacture, is made by hand and is suitable for food, without any need for treatment and special maintenance.

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