Este Ceramics


Since the dawn of civilization, the area of Este, in the Veneto region, has developed and collected the characteristics of traditional craftsmanship in the manufacture of ceramics.

Since the beginning, the hand-decorated pottery was the original method and prized among the artisans. Only the best artisans were able to achieve results of great suggestive level for both color rendering and artistic forms, most of the times basically unlimited.

The mysterious transformation of this material dates back to the past millennia, thanks to a technique that has been refined in the medieval and Renaissance periods. The first rural artifact in this material dates back to 4000 BC as pure household utensils.


The period of glory comes in the eighteenth century, more precisely during the production of Girolamo Franchini that opened in 1784 in Este near Ponte Girometta. Este is today a reference point for culture and craftsmanship. The charm of the workshop continues to live still today in the same manufactory established in Este by Girolamo Franchini in 1784.

These small works of art ivory are handmade since the original molds according to the tradition and the archetypes of the Venetian culture. The reference imagery is the popular culture and the local mythology, representing earth's resources and environment subjects.

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