La Tripolina


The Tripolina Chair is an archetypical object coming from the history of efficiency and functional design that still inspires and becomes actual today.

Foldable, with a wooden structure, metal joints and seat in canvas or leather, like other furnishings coming from a military background, its unique feature is its minimalist and functional design, making it a timeless classic. Its was used during the Libian war as well as its Italian origins gave it the name “Tripolina”.

Thanks to its quality and specifics, it is considered a milestone in the history of the chair, since it inspired many following designs and foldable solutions.


Made of ash with walnut finishing, iron joints and leather seat, it is notable for its elegant form and versatile function. Originally designed in 1855 by the bristish engineer Joseph B. Fenby, the Tripolina Chair became widely known in Europe as an officer’s chair during military campaigns. Thanks to its practicality, it also grew in popularity between explorers and adventurers worldwide.

Notable for its elegant form and versatile function, this chair brings a stylish component to any living scenario. Thanks to its specific bag, it can be folded and carried on your next journey. The showpiece of this collection is Tthe Tripolina Palazzo Bianco, which is the exact reproduction of the model used by Franco Albini for the reconstruction of Palazzo Bianco in Genoa.

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