Monte Isola Hammocks


The tradition of Hammocks Monte Isola is the result of a growing area in contact with the water, in the province of Brescia, Lake Iseo in northern Italy.

The ancient figure of the fisherman is central to the development of this handmade product. From fishing made with hands, up to hunting and fishing for deep water culture is born for the development of funding instruments and nodes.

The needle has always been the main instrument for fishing, also became a basic element of texture. The popular life and the commercial market grew around these activities related to materials and knowledge. Men and women fishers intessitrici, stars of a vital work for the community.


From the networks to fish, the processing of plots for life on dry land was born, developing in the production of hammocks and tissues. An useful object to rest in the shadow areas right after work and physical efforts. The first fabric hammocks were also painted and decorated by hand.

Following this tradition, there are many different objects according to materials or use, still versatile and easy to carry, both indoors and outdoors.

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