Cagliari Baskets


Baskets, since prehistoric times, are considered the first real instruments: it is thanks to baskets that it becomes possible to accumulate, to transport and transform food. The weaving technique did not apply only to the baskets, but also to the production of work tools, compositional elements for housing, residential areas, gardens and land for farming.

It is an ancestral art and everyday that influenced with the language even the noble arts of painting, sculpture and architecture. Weaving was also fundamental for clothing, clothing decorations and hairstyles.


In the manufacturing of baskets, the most used material is the willow, thanks to its quality, structural features, length and flexibility. It is a material that can be easily worked, manufactured following the highest order of craftsmanship and aesthetic level. Another widely used material, depending on the territories, is the common reed, vigorous and structured, with which provides strength and lightness.

In Sardinia, the art of weaving is one of the most ancient activities: the straw is woven by a spiral warp and laced with an iron needle. Since the last century, in the ’50s, these beautiful drawings made by craftsmen have won a place of honor alongside contemporary furnishings.

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