Trento Copper


The art of the chisel has ancient origins that over the centuries has become an unmatchable technique in working precious objects. That’s why the mining and working of metals is one of the most fascinating aspects of the Trentino company history.

As well as being the first metal that mankind was able to work and use, over time copper became the most important material for the daily needs of the people of the Trentino region, by creating the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic perfection. Craftsmen, working with the hammer, could majestically transform a sheet of copper into a precious cooking instrument.


Copper is a noble material and has a very high conductivity of heat. This means heat gently cradles the food being cooked. The metal and the cooking procedure, therefore, treat aromas and flavours with the utmost respect. The pans, cooking trays and casseroles are made of solid copper sheet, beaten by hand and lined with pure tin.

The unmatched elegance of deep red metal at the table: aesthetics combined with craftsman’s know-how and attention to detail according to the ancient method of metal fusion. Every object, from the most functional to the most refined, is the result of dedicated research, combined with centuries of history and craftsman’s creativity.

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